Saturday, July 16, 2011

Greetings and Introductions

Welcome to my blog. As you can see from my profile, I'm a parent, technologist, and in quiet stolen moments, a writer. For those wondering:

  • As a technologist I manage commercial audio-video projects for AVI-SPL. My favorite thing about the job is the blend of technical, social, and time-management challenges it often involves. There's a real feeling of accomplishment when in turning over a large-scale, sophisticated system to a satisfied end user knowing that ones efforts made it happen.
  • I'm the parent of two wonderful children; a four and a half year old girl and a 6-week year old boy. The smartest thing anyone told me on the birth of our second child is that I should be prepared to learn that I know nothing; that different children are so different that it's easy to be complacent and not realize what a grand adventure of exploration you're in for. Again.
  • Finally, writing. I'll add links here to published works as I finish them, but they get finished very slowly. All short fiction. My first love is science fiction, but as of late I'm writing more and more fantasy and less and less SF. There's even the occaisonal story with no speculative element at all.

That's the introduction. This blog will be mainly about the wonderful world of commercial AV and about writing. 

Why put them together, you ask? Wouldn't it make more sense to have two blogs? Perhaps, but one thing I feel video on demand, internet searches, and online searchable newspapers have cost us is the serendipity of stumbling across something you'd not have ordinarily sought out, but finding it interesting anyway. So, I encourage my writer-friends to read my musings on AV and my AV friends to explore my writing hobby with me. 

See you on the blog!

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