Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Actions to Take Regarding the Changeling Hunt

Following are some actions you can take in response to the Fey hunt laws, even if no fairy blood flows in your veins. While actual fey and changelings will, of course, have their own ways to fight back, they are few and we are many.  Already we see walls of iron built in the the wild places, with more planned.

  1. Plant a hedgerow. They're pretty, if nothing else. And the thin places between this world and the fey realm often look like hedgerows, so you might confuse a hunter. Besides, if you're lucky enough you might actually create a new door.
  2. Learn an instrument. Changelings are recognized for musical talent, so the more music there is in the world, the less they'll stand out. Something portable like pipes or even a harmonica is best, but anything will do. Try making yourself a home-made banjo.
  3. Let your children be wild.  Let them play loudly, let them play in public. Changelings have a reputation - earned or not - for wild behavior.  Forcing your children to be quiet isolates actual and perceived changelings. If everyone is a little wild, the truly wild will be able to hide in plain sight.
  4. Let your spaces be wild.  Aside from the aforementioned hedgerows, fey folk like wild places, untamed places. Let a corner of your lawn grow wild. Let all of it grow wild. Let moss grow, let dandelions grow. Tear dandelion leaves up with your hands, mix them into salads, brew them into wine.
  5.  Listen. This is most important. You'll hear their voices, and hear their music. You'll hear them tell you which places to set free, when to dance and when to laugh. Remember, the world is not yours alone, nor the fight.

Copy and repost this. Join the resistance. 

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