Thursday, October 23, 2014

Nightmare Fuel, Day the Twenty-Second. Meeting Minutes.

The challenge with image-prompts is that sometimes they speak to me and sometimes they quite honestly don't. 

Today we'll back away from narrative and play with the idea of what a story is. I originally conceived this differently, and might return to a similar form at some point. 

Meeting Minutes

Date: -6 (tentative)

Z (observer)

  • Review of schedule
  • Verification of termination date
  • Demolition plan
  • Discuss next steps

-Note: Participant names to be redacted from official record.
  1. There is lack of consensus as to schedule.
    1. Y pointed to disparity in scheduled reign of lizards vs mammals
    2. T contends that rate of physical advancement is faster, spiritual slower.
      1. Points to overall ecosystem damage, mass extinctions, etc.
      2. Concerns re: extraplanetary spread of mammalian ethos
      3. High projected time to repair especially aquatic ecosystems
    3. Z is concerned data is obsolete
      1. Worst projections re: use of worldkiller weapons not met.
      2. Geopolitical situations appear to have broadly stabilized.
      3. Z reminded of emeritus observer status. Further opinions will not be welcomed or recorded.
    4. B, G concerned that current project isn't "finished".
      1. Point to ad hoc philosophical/spiritual improvements.
      2. Offer no clear schedule as to when enlightenment condition will be met.
      3. Y is not convinced that this state can be achieved unassisted.
        1. Suggests third manifestation. This suggestion is denied due to schedule constraints.
  2. Overall project state at this point is not indicative of a successful finish.
    1. Mechanical/temporal advancement far surpassing spiritual advancement.
      1. No signs of this trend abating.
      2. M considers temporal/mechanical advancement in and of itself a success
        1. B considers it irrelevant. This point was sharply disputed.
        2. Broad consensus that risks of mechanical versus spiritual disconnect too great to accept M's position
      3. This project is not to be considered successful.
Next steps:
    1. Y petitioned for a closing-day manifestation. This is under consideration
    2. Apocalyptic Methodologies to be reviewed, field tested
      1. Plague  in equatorial continent
      2. Fire in low spirit/high population areas
      3. Madness in high temporal wealth areas
      4. Meteorological methods in lightly populated areas
      5. Repeat of meteoroid impact not considered at this time due to potential damage to successors.
    3. Following review, demolition to begin.
    4. Detailed plans for next phase to be developed concurrently, reviewed at next meeting.

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