Friday, October 24, 2014

Nightmare Fuel, Day the Twenty-Third - The Escaped Artist

This is another little experiment. One of the neat things about social media is that it gives us a number of windows through which we can see the world, each of which is an individual perspective. As a writer, it can create a natural way to view the same event through different points of view.

Not much else to say about this, except that the picture is my own from lower Manhattan (no image prompt yesterday, for some reason), and the TimeTravellerSanger character is, of course, a nod to real-life time-travelling anarchist Steampunk Emma Goldman. Yes, I just referred to a "real life" time traveler. 


Event Invite:
In the spirit of the Great Houdini, see Great Escape
The Artist will be Manacled, Straightjacketed, 
SUSPENDED in a STEEL CAGE more than 900 FEET over
bustling Downtown Manhattan!

Will she break free, or fall to an untimely death?
Come one, come all, and see!

[Shared to Past Futures by TimeTravellerSanger with the following note:
"Anyone with me for this? As odd as it is to travel all the way to the twenty-first century for an old-timey escape act, I'm never one to deny the chance to see a woman free herself of chains. If only she could as easily slip the chains of the patriarchy! ]

Now trending #TheGreatEscape [Selected posts from social media regarding The Great Escape]

#TheGreatEscape is a ripoff of #Houdini and waste of time. I like my women to STAY tied up.

@EscArtist is so brave! Good luck to her!

@EscArtist is doing #TheGreatEscape in #NYC. Bring binocs and hope she escapes from her clothes!

#TheGreatEscape looks fun. Why doesn't anyone do things like that anymore? Yay for @EscArtist !

  Traffic alert: Street closings , parking restrictions Friday for #TheGreatEscape. Watch with the rest of #NYC, but take the #MTA.

Should get a great view of #TheGreatEscape from behind the Buddha statue in my meditation garden. Maybe  Buddha and I will wave toher


Editorial - The Path Well Travelled (excerpt)

What the female escapist calling herself "The Artist" is embarking on is nothing more than the time-honored tradition of a minority mimicking a task already done perfectly well by a male and calling herself a "groundbreaker". While it may help her feel good about herself, the only ground she'll actually break is the Vescey Street sidewalk if her escape stunt doesn't go as planned. Even her fans can agree, she's no Houdini...

[Escaped Artistry Blog]
live blogging this with speech-to-text.

Straightjacket is snug, chains in placed. Door closing with a solid clunk.

So glad to see a nice crowd here.

Hope the live stream is running.

Now going up. ...

[Live blog ends here]


[Excerpt from The Daily Post]

... but excitement turned to confusion and to concern as the crowd witnessed absolutely nothing from the steel cage. The Artist's liveblog had long since stopped, and the few observers with binoculars could see the Artist's unmoving silouette through the steel grate. After several hours, rescue teams were dispatched.

What they found may be a mystery for the ages. What observers took for The Artist was her straightjacket, still tangled in the steel manacles.

As of this time The Artist has not been seen.

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