Sunday, October 9, 2016

Nightmare Fuel 2016, Day the Eigth - Fragments from a comments section

This is a very short fragment, a mini-flash to continue the project with another prompt that really didn't speak to me.

In addition to the image, this is obviously inspired

"Fragments from the Comment Section"

Thanks for sharing your journey. I wondered if you ever thought to use these abilities for anything else. Whenever I see an Amber Alert or something I wonder if I could use travelling or even listening to find them. I'm just not sure where to start.

That's not his point and you know it. Besides, if he started coincidentally finding missing kids, how long to you think it'd take for him to be questioned himself, arrested or, worst, dragged off someplace to be studied. No thanks.

That's really bleak. I've used listening to get just the right present for my girlfriend, and that really felt better than using it to get the right answers on a test, or even to ace a job interview. 
 Do you want a cookie, Newslan? This isn't a do-gooder page and it isn't a SJW page. We know what we are. Do you?

We're all naive like that at some point, Newslan. Read about the Salem witch trials. Read about what they do to people who they only THINK can do some of the things that we can. Then say that again. You owe them nothing.

That's bleak, and sad. I mean, Does anyone else find it really beautiful? I mean, the things we can see and sense? Even in the nastiest person's mind, there's sometimes something unexpected. I want to think we can help bring that out.

Remember, everyone, the neanderthals are extinct. Homo erectus is extinct. Yes, what we can do is beautiful. The beauty is that we'll survive. The beauty is that they won't. THAT is what's beautiful.


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