Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Nightmare Fuel 2016 , Day the Twelfth - Hunger

This was another image which really didn't speak to me, but still managed to come up with a quick sketch. This was the second and, to be honest, less vulgar option which came to mind.

The first one would have had the charming title "Bride of Goatse" and is one of those pieces I'm probably just as well off not having written.


She always hungered.

The truth is that it started before she could talk.

As a baby, she got her chubby baby-hands on some whole grapes and, to the horror of parents warned of choking hazards, swallowed them whole. Yet still she hungered, and cried until given more.

As she grew, so grew her appetites.

As a child, she ate whole apples, her mouth opening wide like a snake's, her neck. Nobody saw her eat it, but when they saw it was all gone they admonished her to not eat the core.

When she was older, the family's new puppy kept making messes in the house. The next day she opened her mouth and swallowed it whole. The family heard its barking echoing for the next three days.

When she was older still, her mouth would open wider, to eat anything. There was a boy at school who pulled at her pigtails, and was never heard from again. They tried appetite suppresants, they tried therapy, they even talked about lap-band surgery, but her parents nixed that idea.

After letters from the district, they started homeschooling.   It was OK, even if there were no pets, and - after an unfortunate incident - little furniture.

That's when she learned of Bakunawa, the great serpent who swallows the moon and is forced to sometimes spit it out, bringing eclipses.

She leaned of Fenris the wolf, who swallowed the sun.

The more she thought of it, the more the hunger consumed her. She barely saw, barely heard, didn't even take the time to get dressed.

She simply hungered. 

She realized that nobody had ever swallowed the whole world.

She wondered what it would taste like.

She'd soon find out.

Creepy, by zombiecore:

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