Friday, October 25, 2013

Nightmare Fuel - Day 22 - I Dare You

This is another prompt I had no idea what to do with, so I made a poem of it. The breaks in meter were deliberate and meant to create a mood. You can judge if they succeeded. .
"I Dare You"
by L Czhorat Suskin
I Dare you, you said.
You dared me to bring the thing up to my head.
This empty white carcass unfilled with the spirits
the alien spirits
the alien spirits of insectlike dreamers
of insectlike dreamers with insectlike dreams in their insectlike heads.
You dared me, I said.
I'm not a woman who'd deny a dare
It is a magic that will make me bold
to risk a terror far beyond compare
a cause to brave a soul destroying blow
from insectlike dreams in insectlike heads
I dare you, you said to take the thing up to your head.
This horrible thing that we found by a corpse.
That we found by a corpse that was twisted in pain
That was twisted in pain from the mad spirit thing that insectile curse that drove into its brain.
My eyes remained upon you as I touched
the wretched bonecold frame up to my brow
Into my brain I feel its alien touch
My eyes unblinking, staring past the thing
I dare you, you said
You dared me, I said.
I took the thing up to my head.
I listened to whispers and insectile murmers
to insectile murmers that fill me with dread
They'll linger, they'll linger
these insectile murmers
they'll linger long after I pull the thing off of my head.
This foolish mad dare
this glorious dare I know what they're thinking,
I'll see them eyes open
You'll see them yourself
you'll see them you'll see them you'll see them
if only you'll take take up this horrible thing,
you'll take it right up to your head.
So join me, so take it, so join me
I dare you.

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