Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nightmare Fuel, Day the Ninth. The Examined Life

This one is a bit of a throwaway; an all-dialog experiment in the spirit of some of Terry Bisson's work.

The image is a very evocative one, and part of me feels bad about not doing more with it. I'm also trying to make these pieces different from eachtoher, at least on some level.

"Another tax bill came, sweety."

"Shit. How much is it?"

"Too much. Too much by a lot."


"I think I'll have to sell another memory."

"Oh honey. Not again."

"There's no other choice. And it won't be that bad. We can write it all down first. Like we did the last time."

"It won't be the same. You've told me that."
Ronald Van Hoist on Flickr
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"Maybe. It's still something. And.. this is hard to explain, but even if I don't remember after they take them out, I remember remembering them. There's kind of a shadow or something left. It's OK. Really."

"This sucks."

"It'll be OK."

"Promise me you'll buy them back if we can make enough money before they're sold? Promise me?"

"Sure. I promise. 

It's OK. Really"

"Don't you worry about this? Doesn't it matter to you?"

"There's no choice. Now get a pen and paper so we can write it down. They said they'll pay extra for romantic memories."


"It's OK."

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