Monday, October 5, 2015

Nightmare Fuel, Day the Fifth - Two Work Orders Issued in The City

A true story about how the world works. Were there a secret organization ruling the world, this is how they'd function.

Of course, the details and reasons never make their way to those on the front lines. We destroy our cities quietly, one step at a time, in the name of the greater good.

The prompt, in fairness, informs my thinking here but that's about it.

Work Request 427B
The City
Reported issues:
Nonconformance with Standard Cultural Practices. Unsavory Atmosphere NOT SAFE FOR CHILDREN
Actions Requested:    
Bring into conformance.
  • Rezoning to dislocate undesirable commerce
  • Clearing of "broken windows" and similar
  • Introduction of approved merchants.

Variance accepted:   
Allow single "local character" to remain. Maximum suggestiveness level 13+
Completed, 11/9/2010.


Work Review Request
Request 427B
Reported Issues:           
Local disruption to image. Unsavory atmosphere. NSFC. Suggestiveness Factor increasing unacceptably
Actions Requested:      
Review Conformance and begin remediation
  • Elimination of high suggestiveness-factor performances
  • Review of standard characters for compliance with accepted practices
  • Protection of sanctioned merchants and commerce
  • Introduction of approved and sanctioned public works.

Variance  accepted:     
Grandfathered "local character" pending review of permit request and confirmation of payment.
Review in Progress

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