Friday, October 2, 2015

Nightmare Fuel, Day the First - Initiation of the Fish's Keeper

Write horrible things with me.

So began the "Nightmare Fuel" project, three years ago. Each day for the month of October Bliss Morgan shares a photo prompt over on the Google Plus social network. Each day, those inclined write something.

This year I'll start with a trifle, a meditation. We'll see if we can finish all 31 again this year.

Those so inclined, feel free to join in. Otherwise, thanks for listening.

"Initiation of the Fish's Keeper"

You are the keeper.
Your calling - the very highest and noblest part of your calling - is to keep this single goldfish in a small bowl.

It's been the same goldfish for a very long time now. As long, some say, than the world has been alive.

Yes, it is quite small. Because of the bowl, of course. Few know this, but a goldfish in open water will grow and grow and grow. Even today's goldfish, worn by countless generations of the world's decay, can grow as large as a man's hand, or larger.

This is the ur-fish. Freed, it would grow without bound, it would devour the world and then, in the formless void, starve itself.

So we keep it. Here in this bowl.

We aren't cruel to the fish, as stunted as it is. Whisper a few words outside the glass. 

Give it a few extra flakes someday. 

Be sure to change the water. 

And, on the days the fish dies, quickly and quietly replace it. Remember that the new fish will be the ur-fish, the first. 

That it will be, though new, as old as the world itself. 

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