Saturday, October 10, 2015

Nightmare Fuel, Day the tenth - Chapter 19 And A Half

This is a "what happens next" kind of story. Today's image is a beast of salt.

Stories have echoes, and salt can go many places. I went back a few thousand years for inspiration, both in content and style.

"Chapter 19 and a half."

And Lot awoke to knowledge of what he had done, and felt shame.
Still he was a righteous man, yet he felt anger at the Lord.
And so, he did an unrighteous thing.

And so Lot left his daughters with children and took up the great salt-pillar
In small wheeled cart and left the place where he and his daughters had hidden.
And so Lot called out to the Lord, but the Lord answered not. And so Lot travelled

And the sun was set upon the earth when Lot left the places of men,
coming at last to a distant and deserted shore.

And the sun rose upon the sea as Lot arrived at the ocean shore
And the cart with the great salt-pillar was at his side.

And Lot called upon the Lord. He sayeth unto the great and empty ocean
"Oh Lord, who liveth in all places, why must I suffer so?

I strive to be righteous and holy, yet my wife is turned to salt,
yet my daughters are great with child
I am alone.

And the Lord sayeth nothing.

And the waters grew angry, and great waves crashed upon the shore
At the feet of Lot and the base of the salt-pillar.

And from the maelstrom Leviathan revealed itself
And it was an ancient beast with many arms like tree-trunks,

And Leviathan regarded Lot with a great eye, wider than the span of his hand.

The Lord saw into the heart of Lot and judged him as righteous, for his wish of penitence.
The Lord saw into the heart of Lot and judged him as unrigteous
for he had fled his charges.

Lot would not be father to the Moabites.
Lot would not be father to the children of Ammon

The Lord ordered Leviathan to give Lot the punishment and mercy of the sea.
To rend his flesh from his body, to drink in all that he was.

To this very day Lot swims the sea within Leviathan
To this day something of the righteous man lies within the beast.
The madness of Leviathan grows.

To this day Leviathan returns to the secret place at the short
A place far from the homes of men.

And so Leviathan carresses the great salt-pillar with tentacles like tree-trunks
Yet gentle as a lady's fingers.

It has fashioned the salt-pillar into a reflection of itself.
A great tentacle beast reaching to sea
Praying to the Lord for absolution.

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